Over $800 value, Only 100 entries will be sold! $10 per entry. Proceeds will go to the Travis Mills Foundation.

We are raffling off this Range Pack!!! Contents include A multi mag can with 10 pre-loaded 30rd AR mags, 8 are loaded up with 55grain .223 PMC FMJ-BT, and 2 are loaded up with 62 grain 5.56 Winchester green tips! It also includes 3 (33 round) 9mm Glock style mags loaded up with 124gr Norma FMJ, and 1 (15 round) Glock style PMAG loaded up with 108 grain Norma monolithical hollow points. That’s over 400 rounds!! Aside from ammo and mags there is a Ncstar micro red dot, a picatinny riser, a pair of Simmons 10x21mm Venture binoculars, a Hoppe’s 9 .22 caliber rifle cleaning kit, a pair of RIA slim ear muffs, a vertical grip with deployable bipod, a can of CLP 085, a jar of frog lube paste, a NeverLost first aid kit extreme, an American flag leather patch infinity headwear snapback from printed Kicks, and an empty chamber indicator/AR tool to top it all off! Drawing will take place within 24 hours of the 100th ticket sold.